1pi00te005 (1pi00te005) wrote,

Rise of the Salwar Kameez

When I was a kid this Salwar Kameez was pretty alien to South India. Slowly around 15 years ago it started to creep into Bangalore etc.. At first, it wasn't considered formal wear. You would, for example not see anyone working in an office wearing a salwar, though it might have been worn outside. Now it has supposedly become 'formal wear' also. How you can call something you sleep in formal wear I don't know, but the girls in our college fall out of bed and tumble into PPTs in them claiming they are in formals.

Anyway - now these salwars have become the norm. In JNC and Christ its actually compulsory to wear them.. WHY WHY WHY?? If there was a competition to design the most UNSEXY dress ever you couldn't come up with a better design than this salwar shit. It's like a huge gunny bag thrown over the shoulders! And many desperately try to make it slightly attractive by tightening the waist, shortening the length etc etc. Wow! So you now have a tight gunny bag!! Brilliant. Might as well all wear burkhas, I say.

We Indian guys have been completely screwed by this nonsense. Its about time we raise our voice against this. Enough is enough! Join me in protesting against this Salwar Kameez. Lets tell the girls how terribly ugly we find this and have some better looking women around us!

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